PNB share price target 2023, 2024, 2025 to 2030

Are you looking for a PNB(Punjab National Bank) Share Price Target of 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027,2028,2029 and 2030?                                                                                                         

Here is the in and out of PNB share price target 2023,2024,2025,2026,2027,2028,2029 and 2030. These predicted share price is based on the comprehensive analysis of the company’s growth potential and historical data.

This load of information helps you with decisions about long-term and short-term investments.

It will surely help you out in SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) for better ROI(Return On Investment).

Share price Overview::

I am Stanly Knight, a Stock Market research Analyst from 2000 to till date. Having more than 22 years of experience in Stock Market Analysis and Price Analysis in the Indian share Market and American Stock Market. I have even worked as a freelance analyst for many companies to improve their portfolio management and risk analysis of their Investment.

Below we are going to summarize the fundamentals and the share price targets from 2023 to 2030. The fundamentals are accurate as per the NSE(National Stock Exchange) and BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange) data. and the prediction is completely based on our company policies and our team experts’ perspectives.

Company Overview


Punjab National Bank (PNB) is an Indian public bank headquartered in New Delhi. It has a long history, established in May 1894. PNB is a major bank in India, ranking second among public sector banks in terms of business volume and branch network size.

PNB is a favorite among over 180 million customers relying on its extensive network of 12,248 branches and over 13,000 ATMs across India.

But GNP’s reach extends beyond India’s borders. They have a banking partner in the UK, called PNB International Bank, which has seven branches. You will also find PNB branches in Hong Kong, Kowloon, Dubai, and Kabul. They are like global ambassadors of Indian banks!

And they don’t stop there; PNB has established representative offices in locations such as Almaty (Kazakhstan), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Shanghai (China), Oslo (Norway) and Sydney (Australia). In Bhutan, they also have a piece of the cake because they own 51% of Druk PNB Bank, which has 5 branches. In Nepal, they hold a 20% stake in Everest Bank, which is expanding its branches like wildfire with a total of 122 branches. But that’s not all, they are even co-owners (41.64%) of JSC Bank (SB) PNB in ​​Kazakhstan, a bank with four branches. As a result, PNB’s influence expanded widely, making it a global financial company.

Upcoming Projects of PNB

PNB Upcoming Projects

PNB Company Fundamentals:

  • For banks, the main way they make money is by earning interest on the loans they give to people and businesses. PNB (Punjab National Bank) made a whopping Rs 85,144.11 Crores in revenue in the latest financial year. That’s like their piggy bank getting filled up. And they’ve been doing even better, with their revenue growing by a solid 16.54% over the past three years.
  • When it comes to giving out loans, they’ve been quite generous. In the last year, they increased their loans by 14.10%, which is like helping more people buy houses and start businesses. If you look back over the past three years, their loans have grown by an impressive 20.76%.
  • Right now, PNB has a CASA ratio of 41.99%. That’s just a fancy way of saying that a good chunk of the money they have comes from regular savings and current accounts. In total, people have deposited a whopping Rs 12,81,163.10 Crores in these accounts.
  • But here’s where things get a bit bumpy. PNB’s financial health isn’t at its best. Their ROA (Return on Assets) is just 0.18%. Think of it like a small slice of cake in comparison to the whole cake.
  • They also have some trouble managing their assets, with 8.74% of their loans going bad (Gross NPA) and 2.72% after taking out some adjustments (Net NPA) in the latest financial year. It’s like lending money to friends who sometimes forget to pay you back.
  • Another important thing to check is their readiness for unexpected expenses. The provision and contingencies change from the previous year is up by 10.92%, meaning they set aside more money for possible future problems.
  • Apart from interest, banks like to have another source of income that’s steady and safe. For PNB, this ‘other income’ actually decreased and is now at Rs 12,142.53 Crores.
  • Now, let’s talk about their financial strength. They have a Capital Adequacy Ratio of 15.50, which is like having a big safety cushion.
  • Lastly, when it comes to valuing the bank, people often look at something called the P/B ratio. Right now, PNB’s P/B ratio is 0.92, which means their stock price is a bit less than what the bank is actually worth. In the past, it was even lower, at 0.58.

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PNB Share price Target Analytics from 2023 to 2030

PNB share price target for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026,2027,2028,2029 and 2030 are available here. TradingView charts and technical analysis are used to forecast or predict the price of PNB shares. This price prediction was aided by our team of expert advice.

PNB share price target 2023|PNB share price forecast 2023

When a company continually makes more money, it attracts a large number of investors who want a piece of that success pie. As they compete for shares, share prices follow an upward trend.

First Target177
Second Target181
Third target185
PNB share price target 2023

PNB share price target 2024|PNB share price forecast 2024

Think of it as the magnetic attraction of a business to more and more customers. The bigger the crowd, the higher the sales, and it’s like music to investors’ ears, causing stock prices to fluctuate.

First Target201
Second Target204
Third target212
PNB share price target 2024

PNB share price target 2025|PNB share price forecast 2025

Sometimes it’s all about mood. If investors feel the same good vibes about a company, they will jump on the bandwagon, sending the stock price soaring. Conversely, a pessimistic mood can cause prices to fall into a downward spiral.

First Target281
Second Target289
Third target296
PNB share price target 2025

PNB share price target 2026|PNB share price forecast 2026

Imagine a company returning money to its shareholders, like throwing a coin into a wishing well. Shareholders like that and tend to hold on to their shares, or even buy more, which can increase the share price.

First Target336
Second Target343
Third target354
PNB share price target 2026

PNB share price target 2027|PNB share price forecast 2027

Think of a company as a star athlete in a race, consistently outpacing its competitors. Investors cheer winners, and that cheering can lead to higher stock prices.

First Target473
Second Target481
Third target496
PNB share price target 2027

PNB share price target 2028|PNB share price forecast 2028

Some companies are riding the wave of booming industries. Investors are flocking to them, believing they are catching the next big wave. This rush of interest can push stock prices up.

First Target594
Second Target603
Third target615
PNB share price target 2028

PNB share price target 2029|PNB share price forecast 2029

Companies continuously come up with new ideas and products that will attract investors. They see a bright future full of potential, and this optimism can lead to higher stock prices.

First Target792
Second Target806
Third target820
PNB share price target 2029

PNB share price target 2030|PNB share price forecast 2030

When a company has a strong financial fortress, it acts as a stronghold in the eyes of investors. They feel secure so they invest more, and this consolidation often strengthens stock prices.

First Target1086
Second Target1106
Third target1123
PNB share price target 2030

PNB Buy or Sell call: SWOT


Minimum And Maximum PNB Share

Minimum And Maximum PNB Share Price Targets

PNB Dividend history

Ex DateDividend typeDividend %Dividend Rs
Per Share
PNB Power Dividend history


  • The above-mentioned PNB Share Predictions are completely based on our expertise. If you are looking for a stock that is owned by a Government as of 18/09/2023, it’s a good stock for long-term investment, currently, the PNB shares are Trading at a close call of 76Rs.
  • If you are a short-term investor expecting more ROI, It’s completely on your will and knowledge.
  • In the last 6 months, the PNB share price has gained over 63% of its share price, it’s a good sign.
  • Be aware of stock operators..!!

Is PNB a good buy for the long term?

YES. By analyzing its past year records, it’s good to buy for the long term by expecting more than 500% ROI in 10 years.

Is PNB a good stock to buy?

YES, a Public Sector Company which is operated by the Government of India and running successfully with profit for several years tends to make a good stock to buy

Can PNB be a multibagger?

offcourse? All shares can be multibagger like TITAN Share. currently, PNB shares are undervalued, if you correctly observe the fundamentals and past year growth rate, this will be the next banking sector multi bagger.

What is the true value of PNB share?

Because of the intrinsic value and the valuation the true value of PNB shares will be 102rs

PNB dividend 2023 record date?

20-09-2023 is the record date for the final dividend of PNB shares to their shareholders

Which power share is best to buy now?

Adani Power. By seeing the record and the market correction power sector Adani Power will be the best share to buy now.



We are not SEBI-registered analysts. The above-mentioned share price is the target and analysis is completely based on our expertise. We do not recommend any of you to purchase any shares and we are not manipulating or handling any of the share price. The above-mentioned share price targets are only for educational and research purposes.


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