HBL power share price target 2023, 2024, 2025 to 2030.

Are you looking for a HBL Power Share Price Target of 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027,2028,2029 and 2030?                                                                                                         

Here is the in and out of HBL Power share price target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026,2027,2028,2029 and 2030. These predicted share price is based on the comprehensive analysis of the company’s growth potential and historical data.

This load of information helps you with decisions about long-term and short-term investments.

It will surely help you out in SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) for better ROI(Return On Investment).

Share price Overview::

I am Stanly Knight, a Stock Market research Analyst from 2000 to till date. Having more than 22 years of experience in Stock Market Analysis and Price Analysis in the Indian share Market and American Stock Market. I have even worked as a freelance analyst for many companies to improve their portfolio management and risk analysis of their Investment.

Below we are going to summarize the fundamentals and the share price targets from 2023 to 2030. The fundamentals are accurate as per the NSE(National Stock Exchange) and BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange) data. and the prediction is completely based on our company policies and our team experts’ perspectives.

Company Overview

HBL Power (BSE: 517271, NSE: HBLPOWER) HBL Power Systems Limited manufactures and sells batteries, power electronics and extruded concrete products in India and internationally.

The company offers lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, silver-zinc batteries, custom batteries, and lithium batteries. It provides electronic railway signaling systems, electronic ammunition flares, integrated power supplies, railway collision avoidance systems and train management systems; E-mobility products, including electric mobility powertrains, electric powertrain kits, motors, inverters, engine and vehicle controllers, and electric vehicle chargers; Industrial electronic products include energy storage systems, battery chargers, battery management systems, and energy-saving motors.

It serves the defense, telecommunications, railroads, oil and gas, electric utilities, UPS and inverter batteries, and solar industries.

The company was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. HBL Power Systems Limited is a subsidiary of d’Aluru Family Private Trust.

Upcoming Projects of HBL Power

2023Electric drive Trains and Lithium Ion manufacturing setup at Mahbubnagar, Hyderabad.
HBL Power Upcoming Projects

HBL Power Company Fundamentals:

  • PE Ratio: – Price/earnings ratio, which shows how much per rupee of profit an investor is willing to pay for a stock. Typically, stocks trading at LOW P/E will be undervalued (this also depends on other factors). HBL Power Sys has a PE ratio of 58.97, which is high and is relatively valued.
  • Return on assets (ROA): – Return on assets measures how effectively a company can earn from its investment in assets. In other words, ROA shows how effectively a company can convert the money used to purchase assets into net income or profit. HBL Power Sys has a ROA of 7.54%, which is a bad sign for future performance. (higher values ​​are always desired)
  • Solvency ratio: – Solvency ratio measures the company’s ability to pay short-term debts with current assets. A higher current ratio is desirable so that the company can stabilize against unexpected shocks to the business and the economy. HBL Power Sys has a current ratio of 2.72.
  • Return on equity: – ROE measures a company’s ability to generate profits through its shareholders’ investment in the company. In other words, the return on equity shows the profit generated from each rupee of common equity. HBL Power Sys has an ROE of 10.45% (the higher the better)
  • Debt ratio: – This is a good measure to check capital structure as well as its operating efficiency. HBL Power Sys has a D/E ratio of 0.08, which means the company has a low debt-to-capital ratio.
  • Inventory turnover index: The inventory turnover index is the operating speed and a tool to evaluate the liquidity of a company’s inventory. It measures the number of times a company has sold and replaced inventory during a given period. HBL Power Sys has an inventory turnover ratio of 4.27, which shows that the management is ineffective in managing inventory and working capital.
  • Revenue Growth:- HBL Power Sys recorded a revenue growth of 10.50%, which is quite poor compared to the company’s growth rate and performance.
  • Operating Profit Margin: – This will tell you about the company’s performance. The operating profit margin of HBL Power Sys in the current financial year is 10.94%.
  • Dividend Yield:- It tells us the amount of dividend we will receive in relation to the stock price. HBL Power Sys’s current year dividend is 0.45 and the yield is 0.17%.

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HBL Power Share Price Target Analytics from 2023 to 2030

HBL Power share price target for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026,2027,2028,2029 and 2030 are available here. TradingView charts and technical analysis are used to forecast or predict the price of HBL Power shares. This price prediction was aided by our team of expert advice.

HBL Power share price target 2023|HBL Power power share price forecast 2023

In this year, we anticipate significant growth in the Energy sector which impacts HBL Power’s share price. As per our analysis, HBL Power’s share price could hold a positive rise, considering its investments in renewable energy-related projects. This can have a positive impact on the short-term investors.

First Target268
Second Target273
Third target280
HBL Power share price target 2023

HBL Power share price target 2024|HBL Power share price forecast 2024

By 2024, The company’s excellent financial position and strategic development into the thriving renewable energy sector are likely to increase the company’s positive trajectory through 2024. This maximum forecast takes into account the possible benefits of government incentives for green energy-focused investments.

First Target303
Second Target316
Third target330
HBL Power share price target 2024

HBL Power share price target 2025|HBL Power share price forecast 2025

In 2025, The company’s commitment to diversification of operations, jointly with strong macroeconomic trends and rising demand for renewable energy resources, improves the probability of an extended upward trend.

First Target363
Second Target371
Third target384
HBL Power share price target 2025

HBL Power share price target 2026|HBL Power share price forecast 2026

By 2026, the company’s improvement strategies and initiatives should begin to yield tangible results. They have been investing in modern technology and collaborating with companies from other nations, which could result in a significant growth in the value of their shares. Simply said, if everything goes as planned, the company’s stock price might rise significantly by 2026 as a result of the actions they are doing today.

First Target409
Second Target423
Third target436
HBL Power share price target 2026

HBL Power share price target 2027|HBL Power share price forecast 2027

The company’s continued growth is dependent on its ability to carry out its business plans effectively, having rules and regulations that are helpful to its operations, and the world continues to move towards using more renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.

First Target497
Second Target508
Third target521
HBL Power share price target 2027

HBL Power share price target 2028|HBL Power share price forecast 2028

HBL Power seems to be in a good position for success in 2028. The company’s emphasis on innovation and sustainable growth techniques is probably going to pay off in the long run given the increasing demand for renewable energy sources like wind and solar electricity. They are actively participating in a developing industry and making beneficial environmental contributions, which points to a bright future for them not just in 2028 but also in the years to come.

First Target619
Second Target633
Third target643
HBL Power share price target 2028

HBL Power share price target 2029|HBL Power share price forecast 2029

Thinking about 2029, things still look good for HBL Power. More and more people want clean energy like wind and solar power, and that’s good for the company. They keep coming up with new ideas and are focused on being environmentally friendly, which matches what the world needs. This could mean their stock price continues to go up in 2029 and beyond because they’re ready for changes in how we get energy.

First Target818
Second Target832
Third target845
HBL Power share price target 2029

HBL Power share price target 2030|HBL Power share price forecast 2030

HBL Power Electricity sees a bright future since demand for sustainable energy, such as wind and solar electricity, is increasing. Furthermore, the company’s dedication to innovation and ecologically responsible growth techniques positions it for long-term success. They work in a rising business while ensuring that their actions benefit the environment, which bodes well for their future prospects.

First Target943
Second Target955
Third target964
HBL Power share price target 2030

HBL Power Buy or Sell call: SWOT


Minimum And Maximum HBL Power Share

Minimum And Maximum HBL Power Share Price Targets

HBL Power Dividend history

Ex DateDividend typeDividend %Dividend Rs
per share
HBL Power Dividend history


  • The above-mentioned HBL Power Share Predictions are completely based on our expertise. If you are looking for a stock that is owned by a reputed organization as of 18/09/2023, it’s a good stock for long-term investment, currently, the HBL Power shares are Trading at a close call of all-time HIGH.
  • If you are a short-term investor expecting more ROI, It’s completely on your will and knowledge.
  • In the last 6 months, the HBL Power share price has gained over 170% of its share price, it’s a good sign.
  • Be aware of stock operators..!!

Is HBL Power a good buy for the long term?

YES. By analyzing its past year records, it’s good to buy for the long term by expecting more than 500% ROI in 10 years.

Is HBL Power a good stock to buy?

YES, from the past several years to now, it’s trading at an all-time high, and debt ratios are lower currently this company is operating on a profit.

Can HBL Power be a multibagger?

offcourse? All shares can be multibagger like TITAN Share. till now HBL Power has gained over 900% by considering this one can take a risk for his multibagger returns.

What is the true value of HBL Power share?

Because of the intrinsic value and the valuation the true value of HBL Power shares will be 245rs

HBL Power dividend 2023 record date?

On 15-09-2023 the HBL Power company announced a 0.45rs per share dividend to their shareholders.

Which power share is best to buy now?

Adani Power. By seeing the record and the market correction power sector Adani Power will be the best share to buy now.



We are not SEBI-registered analysts. The above-mentioned share price is the target and analysis is completely based on our expertise. We do not recommend any of you to purchase any shares and we are not manipulating or handling any of the share price. The above-mentioned share price targets are only for educational and research purposes.




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