COALINDIA share price target 2023, 2024, 2025 to 2030

Are you looking for a COALINDIA Share Price Target of 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027,2028,2029 and 2030?                                                                                                         

Here is the in and out of COALINDIA share price target 2023,2024,2025,2026,2027,2028,2029 and 2030. These predicted share price is based on the comprehensive analysis of the company’s growth potential and historical data.

This load of information helps you with decisions about long-term and short-term investments.

It will surely help you out in SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) for better ROI(Return On Investment).

Share price Overview::

I am Stanly Knight, a Stock Market research Analyst from 2000 to till date. Having more than 22 years of experience in Stock Market Analysis and Price Analysis in the Indian share Market and American Stock Market. I have even worked as a freelance analyst for many companies to improve their portfolio management and risk analysis of their Investment.

Below we are going to summarize the fundamentals and the share price targets from 2023 to 2030. The fundamentals are accurate as per the NSE(National Stock Exchange) and BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange) data. and the prediction is completely based on our company policies and our team experts’ perspectives.

Company Overview


Coal India Ltd (CIL) is a giant coal mining company owned by the Indian government headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. It is the world’s largest coal producer and a major employer. CIL operates in 83 mining areas across eight Indian states, operating 322 mines (138 underground mines, 171 open pit mines and 13 mixed mines). They also operate 13 coal washers and other facilities such as factories and hospitals.

CIL mines non-coking and coking coal used in various industries, mainly from open pit mines. They have ten subsidiaries in India and one foreign subsidiary in Mozambique. In addition, they also have 5 joint ventures with other companies.

CIL’s history dates back to 1973, when it was established as Coal Mines Authority Ltd. and later changed its name to Coal India Ltd. Over the years, it has expanded its operations, received prestigious awards, and had an IPO. They have also ventured into clean energy and job training. In recent years, CIL has completed various projects, expanding rail connectivity and increasing coal production capacity to meet growing demand.

Upcoming Projects of COALINDIA

2023In 2023, the company started 7 special projects to connect places, called First Mile Connectivity (FMC) Projects. They also built rail lines that can carry 92 million tons of stuff every year.
2024no data
COALINDIA Upcoming Projects

COALINDIA Company Fundamentals:

  • PE Ratio: Imagine you’re buying a piece of cake and want to know how much you’re paying for each slice. For every rupee of profit a company generates, the PE ratio tells you how many rupees you are willing to spend to buy that company’s stock. A low PE ratio, such as Coal India’s 11.26, suggests you’re getting a good deal, but there’s more to consider.
  • Return on assets (ROA): Think of ROA as a score that tells you how effectively a business uses its assets like machinery and buildings to make money. Coal India’s ROA of 64.54% means that the company is good at turning its assets into profits, which is a promising sign. Current ratio: This depends on checking whether the business has enough money in its wallet to cover its immediate bills. A high liquidity ratio, such as Coal India’s 5.08, means they are financially stable and can meet unexpected expenses.
  • Return on equity (ROE): ROE shows how effectively a company is making money for its owners. For every rupee invested by its shareholders, Coal India generates a return of 89.54%. Higher ROE is usually better. Debt Ratio: It measures the balance between a company’s debt and investments. Coal India’s D/E ratio of 0 means it has very little debt relative to its investment, which is a good sign.
  • Inventory turnover rate: Think of this as how quickly your store sells products. Coal India’s ratio of 135.08 shows that they are doing a good job of managing inventory and working capital.
  • Revenue growth: Coal India’s revenue increased by 63.44%, which is quite good considering their size and performance. Operating profit margin: This tells you how well the company is managing its day-to-day operations. Coal India’s operating margin for the current year is 26.81%, indicating efficient operations.
  • Dividend Yield: If you think of stocks as fruit trees, the dividend yield tells you how much fruit (dividends) you will receive for the price of one tree (stock). Coal India’s current dividend is Rs 24.25 and the dividend yield is 8.49%, representing a good return on investment.

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COALINDIA Share Price Target Analytics from 2023 to 2030

COALINDIA share price target for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029 and 2030 are available here. TradingView charts and technical analysis are used to forecast or predict the price of COALINDIA shares. This price prediction was aided by our team of expert advice.

COALINDIA share price target 2023|COALINDIA share price forecast 2023

When a company continually makes more money, it attracts a large number of investors who want a piece of that success pie. As they compete for shares, share prices follow an upward trend.

First Target288
Second Target292
Third target296
COALINDIA share price target 2023

COALINDIA share Price target 2024|COALINDIA share price forecast 2024

Think of it as the magnetic attraction of a business to more and more customers. The bigger the crowd, the higher the sales, and it’s like music to investors’ ears, causing stock prices to fluctuate.

First Target331
Second Target340
Third target345
COALINDIA share price target 2024

COALINDIA share price target 2025|COALINDIA share price forecast 2025

Sometimes it’s all about mood. If investors feel the same good vibes about a company, they will jump on the bandwagon, sending the stock price soaring. Conversely, a pessimistic mood can cause prices to fall into a downward spiral.

First Target373
Second Target382
Third target389
COALINDIA share price target 2025

COALINDIA share price target 2026|COALINDIA share price forecast 2026

Imagine a company returning money to its shareholders, like throwing a coin into a wishing well. Shareholders like that and tend to hold on to their shares, or even buy more, which can increase the share price.

First Target458
Second Target465
Third target472
COALINDIA share price target 2026

COALINDIA share price target 2027|COALINDIA share price forecast 2027

Think of a company as a star athlete in a race, consistently outpacing its competitors. Investors cheer winners, and that cheering can lead to higher stock prices.

First Target514
Second Target526
Third target534
COALINDIA share price target 2027

COALINDIA share price target 2028|COALINDIA share price forecast 2028

Some companies are riding the wave of booming industries. Investors are flocking to them, believing they are catching the next big wave. This rush of interest can push stock prices up.

First Target581
Second Target587
Third target599
COALINDIA share price target 2028

COALINDIA share price target 2029|COALINDIA share price forecast 2029

Companies continuously come up with new ideas and products that will attract investors. They see a bright future full of potential, and this optimism can lead to higher stock prices.

First Target665
Second Target671
Third target685
COALINDIA share price target 2029

COALINDIA share price target 2030|COALINDIA share price forecast 2030

When a company has a strong financial fortress, it acts as a stronghold in the eyes of investors. They feel secure so they invest more, and this consolidation often strengthens stock prices.

First Target719
Second Target733
Third target746
COALINDIA share price target 2030

COALINDIA Buy or Sell call: SWOT


Minimum And Maximum COALINDIA Share

Minimum And Maximum COALINDIA Share Price Targets

COALINDIA Dividend history

Ex DateDividend typeDividend %Dividend Rs
Per Share
COALINDIA Power Dividend history


  • The above-mentioned COALINDIA Share Predictions are completely based on our expertise. If you are looking for a stock that is owned by a Government as of 20/09/2023, it’s a good stock for long-term investment, currently, the COALINDIA shares are Trading at a close call of 280Rs.
  • If you are a short-term investor expecting more ROI, It’s completely on your will and knowledge.
  • In the last 6 months, the COALINDIA share price has gained over 31% of its share price, it’s a good sign.
  • Be aware of stock operators..!!

Is COALINDIA a good buy for the long term?

YES. By analyzing its past year records, it’s good to buy for the long term by expecting more than 500% ROI in 10 years.

Is COALINDIA a good stock to buy?

YES, a Public Sector Company which is operated by the Government of India and running successfully with profit for several years tends to make a good stock to buy

Can COALINDIA be a multibagger?

offcourse? All shares can be multibagger like TITAN Share. Till now COALINDIA shares have lost up to 18% from its beginning it may further move up because of their business expansion and it close be a multi-bagger stock in the next several years.

What is the true value of COALINDIA share?

Because of the intrinsic value and the valuation the true value of COALINDIA shares will be 250rs

COALINDIA dividend 2023 record date?

18-08-2023 is the record date for the final dividend, of 40% which is nothing but 4Rs per COALINDIA share to their shareholders.

Which power share is best to buy now?

Adani Power. By seeing the record and the market correction power sector Adani Power will be the best share to buy now.



We are not SEBI-registered analysts. The above-mentioned share price is the target and analysis is completely based on our expertise. We do not recommend any of you to purchase any shares and we are not manipulating or handling any of the share price. The above-mentioned share price targets are only for educational and research purposes.


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