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My Happy Place: Thanksgiving Edition Updates | Chaz’s Journal

Aidan Sheahan – “Insight” from Vital Films on Vimeo.

His dad Casey was an extraordinary role model for Aidan through his own love of skiing and traveling the world as the former writer, editor, and publisher of Powder Magazine. He had him on the slopes at 3 years old and Aidan would fearlessly go straight down the hill with a smile that lit up the mountain. Casey also taught Aidan how to fly fish when he was just big enough to hold a fly rod. They journeyed both with the family and as just the two of them to rivers and lakes all over the Rocky Mountains, camping and bonding over a fire, under the stars, in the beauty of wild places. His brother Caelin, who loved sharing technology with Aidan and teaching him how to play video games which they played together their whole life, is now a gifted ‘coder’ and project manager in Denver for a healthcare company. He was also Aidan’s ‘bestie,’ and they bonded as toddlers watching “Thomas the Tank Engine,” digging forts in the snow, navigating new schools together and catching fire flies. 

Known as DJ Sunfeathr, Aidan loved performing his own electronic music at venues from Aspen to Denver. Aidan and Tara created Breathelab for a TED Talk in Kansas City to inspire kids to meditate by combining music and breathing practices together.

Tara says: “Aidan’s girlfriend and soulmate Alyssa, a yoga teacher and skier who lived with Aidan in Snowmass, Colorado, crossed over from cancer in May 2020. After her passing, Aidan just wasn’t sure where he belonged.    

 I lived with Aidan for his last year on this Earthplane, and realized that when someone goes through their ‘dark night of the Soul,’ the only place to find peace is to be peace. I meditated on the emotions that Aidan was stalking: tranquility, self-acceptance, self love and stillness. Casey, Caelin and I did everything we could to keep him here. In the end, his Soul chose to go the Creation. He may have left in his physical form, but his Presence never left.  

The morning of his passing, I spoke to Chaz about our shared knowing that Aidan and Roger were One with the life force energy that flows through all things. We could feel it in one another. That bliss of knowing we truly are Spirits in a body having a human experience. We are never alone. We are loved unconditionally. We are free.”

We are now pleased to present, once again, Tara Sheahan’s Yoga Breathing Exercise…

Tara shares how she finds her Happy Place teaching Breathelab natural nose breathing to millions of people who want an instant way to find a burst of uplift. Her music is created by son Aidan “Sunfeather.” He created this track for Erica Ford’s New York Peace Week, an event to end gun violence with love-in-action. 

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